This shift in paradigm in healthcare

European Quantum Activism (Attivismo Quantico Europeo – AQE) promotes a holistic vision of the Human Being and Life supported by the most recent scientific theories and findings. Unprecedented changes in Science are shifting from a mechanistic to a holistic vision of the Human Being, where the concept of treatment evolves from a disease-based reparative perspective to a holistic one healing the disease and, at the same time, taking care of the individual even in his or her energy and spiritual expression. In this way, in the new paradigm, psychology-neurology-endocrinology-immunology, the role of Mind, intentional healing and complementary medicine all represent an exceptional enhancement of treatment and care. For this purpose, AQE organises specific courses and conferences aimed at integrating allopathic medicine with complementary medicine and mind-body practices that have been used for decades by the most prestigious universities, research centres and hospitals in the Western world.