European Quantum Activism (A.Q.E.) is a non-profit scientific association and the European reference of the Center for Quantum Activism founded in the U.S.A. by Amit Goswami. A.Q.E. is based in Bologna and aims to disseminate the transformative theoretical principles introduced by Entanglement:
  • the non-locality
  • discontinuity, Interconnection and Interdependence
  • Integrated Medicine, the awakening of consciousness and the holistic vision of care
  • Compassion and Healing Intention
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The paradigm shift that is taking place in the humanities is changing the view of man, health, disease and care, highlighting the relevance of the mind and the question of the creative power of consciousness. creative power of consciousness. In the new paradigm man is not considered as a separate entity, but as a subject participating in the surrounding reality, which extends mentally and energetically beyond its bodily boundaries, of which it is an inseparable part. We are organisms interconnected and interdependent with other beings and the environment, not only organically but also energetically. Health in this sense can no longer be considered only as a subjective condition related to the dimension dimension, but as an extended dimension in the environment and in the relationship between the individual and Nature. and Nature. In this sense, health is understood as a form of balance and harmony between the energies of the organism of the organism and those of the surrounding environment. A healthy environment implies the presence of health in those who live in it.
At the sub-atomic level, in the reality of Entanglement, disease is interpreted as a form of informational and energetic imbalance. informational and energetic imbalance. The precariousness or disruption of this balance through the exploitation of resources and pollution
resources and pollution, interrupts the flow of energy-information that generates the imbalance on the energy level, which in turn activates the This in turn activates inflammation or the vulnerability of the organism to pathogens.
The disease is not limited only to the biological condition of alteration or injury at the cellular and genetic level and genetic level, but is understood, at a holistic level, as the disruption of the sense of unity, interconnectedness and interdependence with other beings and the environment.
The medical and psychological treatment can not be limited to only localized intervention, reparative type, centered on the physical disease, but also involves a therapeutic intervention on the energetic level with practices aimed at the awakening of consciousness.
Meditation, practices of Consciousness and intentional activation actively contribute to this awakening. that allow to experience the intuitive and non-local Mind and the creative action of Intentionality in quantum processes. of Intentionality in quantum processes and in everyday life.
The European Quantum Activism, promoting the meeting between Science and Spirituality, intends to promote the growth of a new sensibility centered on of a new sensibility centered on solidarity and respect among people, on compassionate behaviors and choices and on a respectful economy. on compassionate behaviors and choices and on an economy respectful of the environment and aimed to the protection of the planet.

The President of European Quantum Activism
Prof. Gioacchino Pagliaro