Electronic QED coherence in brain microtubules

Foundation of Physics Research Center (FoPRC) Via Resistenza, Celico (CS) ITALY
caligiuri@foprc.org; max.caligiurigmail.com
Abstract: In this paper we show in the water confined within the inner hollow of brain microtubules there exist the conditions to allow a spontaneous QED quantum vacuum phase transition towards a macroscopic coherent quantum state, characterized by a phased oscillation between the water molecules states and an auto-generated electromagnetic field associated to a suitable electronic transition in them. As a result, a field of superradiant photons, whose frequency is smaller than the corresponding frequency belonging to a free photon with the same wavelength, is generated. This superradiant field is characterized by an evanescent tail exceeding the microtubules dimension and whose persistence against environmental decoherence is ensured by its own QED coherent behaviour.