A Mathematical Model for Controlling Exchanged Spinor Waves between Hemoglobin, Tumor and T-Cells

A Mathematical Model for Controlling Exchanged Spinor Waves between Hemoglobin, Tumor and T-Cells

Study conducted by Massimo Fioranelli, Alireza Sepehri, Maria Grazia Roccia, Aroonkumar Beesham, and Dana Flavin.

The effects of meditation on the performance and well-being of a company: A pilot study

A case study of photon detection after acupuncture stimulation

Scientific literature highlighting forms of luminescence during an acupuncture treatment is very limited. In order to prove the functional reality of meridians, some contributions have tested infrared images, while others have used the inoculation of radioactive tracers.

The Health, Information & Meditation in Oncology (HIMO) Method as an Integrative Approach in Cancer Treatment

A diagnosis of cancer and its consequences represent a destabilizing experience for patients and their families. The impact of the disease is not limited to physical symptoms but involves also a wide range of psychological, emotional, social and spiritual aspects (Gurevich M, et al. (2002) Koopman C, et al. (2002), Mehnert A, et al. (2018). […]

Anesthetic Action and “Quantum Consciousness”. A Match Made in Olive Oil

ANESTHETIC gases blockconsciousness selectively, sparin nonconscious brain activities, and thus their specific action could unravel the age-old mystery of how the brain generates, or mediates, consciousness.

A Specific Type of Tibetan Medicine Meditation for Women with Breast Cancer: A Pilot Survey

Breast cancer is one of the most common tumors in the world and is associated with high psychological distress such as depression, anxiety, and stress…

Human Bio-Photons Emission: an observational Case Study of Emission of Energy Using a Tibetan Meditative Practice on an Individual

Several studies have highlighted how bio-photons emission can be considered a reliable indicator of the status of health or illness of a living being.


Tong Len meditation is an important therapeutic tool in the Tibetan medicine, and it can be used for self healing and/or to heal others. Currently, in the West, there is no scientific study concerning the efficacy of a Tong Len distant healing effect on psychological disorders in cancer patients.

Applying at a distance of medita on Tong Len on a group of cancer pa ents to measure the psychological e ects

The Tibetan medicine tradi on considers Tong Len medita on an essen al therapeu c tool that can be used for self-healing and/or to heal others.

Towards a systemic paradigm in carcinogenesis: linking epigenetics and genetics

For at least 30 years cancer has been defined as a genetic disease and explained by the so-called somatic mutation theory (SMT), which has dominated the carci- nogenesis field.