European Quantum Activism

European Quantum Activism (Attivismo Quantico Europeo – AQE) is a scientific non-profit association and is the European reference for the Center for Quantum Activism funded in the US by Amit Goswami.

AQE is based in Bologna and aims at spreading the transformative theoretical principles introduced by Entanglement:

  • Non-locality
  • Discontinuity
  • Interconnection, interdependence and the holistic dimension of Life
  • The awakening of Consciousness and compassionate vision

The shift in paradigm that is occurring in human sciences is changing the vision of the Human Being, health, disease and treatment, highlighting the importance of mind and the creative power of consciousness.

In the new paradigm, the Human Being is not considered to be a separate entity but a participant in the surrounding reality mentally and energetically going beyond its body boundaries, becoming intrinsically part of it. Hence, the Human Being is interdependent and interconnected to the other beings and the environment. In this context, health cannot just be a subjective condition based on the biological and physical dimension, but ultimately becomes a type of physical, mental and spiritual balance and harmony.

The disease is not merely limited to a biological condition of alteration or damage at a cellular and genetic level, but is conceived at a holistic level as a break in the sense of unity, interdependence and interconnection with the others, with the contexts and with the environment.

At a sub-atomic level, in the Entanglement reality, the disease is interpreted as a form of energy, mental and spiritual unbalance where emotions, psychological statuses, beliefs and lifestyles have a fundamental role in treatment and healing. The medical and psychological treatment will not only be implemented with reparative spot-actions aimed at the ill part of the body or mind, but will also entail a set of practices for the awakening of Consciousness for personal and collective wellbeing. Meditation, consciousness practices, yoga, intentional activation contribute to this awakening and allow to experience the intuitive non-local Mind and the creative action of intentionality in quantum processes and in social life.

European Quantum Activism, promoting a dialogue between science and spirituality, aims at creating a new sensitivity based on solidarity and respect among the people, on compassionate behaviours and choices and on an environmentally-friendly economy protecting the planet.

The Chairman of European Quantum Activism
Prof. Gioacchino Pagliaro

Amit Goswami

World famous theoretical quantum physicist and prestigious scientist, Amit Goswami was Full Professor at the Department of Physics, University of Oregon, from 1968 to 1997. He is the founder of the international scientific association Quantum Activism and of the Center For Quantum Activism – Oregon, USA. He is one of the pioneers of the new paradigm of Science in Consciousness, allowing to experience the superior level of the Mind, interpreting it through the most recent progress in quantum processes and in the spiritual dimension.

He is the most authoritative theorist of Creative Intentionality conceiving Consciousness as the foundation of life and as an entity that is able to act and influence the field of possibilities and probabilities. He has been collaborating for years with physicians, psychologists, neuroscientists and biologists at a global level studying the application of quantum theories in human sciences.

He promotes international conferences and courses on Quantum Medicine. His books were translated into several languages and are currently being used in many universities in the US. Among them, we can find:

  • The Self aware universe
  • Quantum doctor
  • Physics of the soul
  • Quantum mechanics
  • God is not dead
  • Quantum creativity
  • Quantum activism can save civilisation
  • Quantum economics

His contribution to the dissemination of scientific knowledge is outstanding and tireless. The following works were translated into Italian:

  • Creative evolution
  • Quantum guide to enlightenment

He is the author of the successful DVD “Quantum Revolution”.

Gioacchino Pagliaro

Psychologist and psychotherapist, Gioacchino Pagliaro has been Contract Professor of Clinical Psychology at the Department of Psychology, University of Padova. In the nineties, he introduced mind-body practices and, in particular, meditation in his teaching activity. He is recognised as a precursor of the use of meditation and awareness practices in the local public health service.

He has worked at the National Health Service since 1982 and he has directed Psychology complex structures within the local public health service and hospitals. He is currently Head of the Hospital Psychology unit at the Oncology Department of the Bologna public health service. He contributed to the foundation of the International Research Association on Entanglement in Medicine and Psychology (AIREMP) and was vice chairman.

  • He is President of European Quantum Activism, European branch of the Center for Quantum Activism.
  • He gives lectures and conferences on the application of Entanglement in psychology and in medicine in Italy and worldwide.
  • He is lecturer at several Specialisation Schools in Psychology and university master’s degrees; on behalf of the local public health service, he organises courses aimed at burn-out prevention through mind-body practices.
  • He has recently published: Research on the remote effect of Tong-Len meditation in a group of cancer patients.
  • He published the following books: the Health Tao; Mediation and Wellbeing; Non-local mind; Mind and psychotherapy.
  • He collaborates with the journal Scienza & Conoscenza on a regular basis.
  • He runs a column of the journal Vita e Salute.

He is member of the Editorial Board of the following scientific journals:

  • Journal of Alternative Medicine and Mind Body Practices (USA)
  • Psychology and Psychiatry (USA)