This shift in paradigm in healthcare

European Quantum Activism (Attivismo Quantico Europeo – AQE) promotes a holistic vision of the Human Being and Life supported by the most recent scientific theories and findings through specific courses and conferences.
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The awakening of Consciousness, Spirituality and the Environment

AQE organises residential courses and conferences on theoretical physics, meditation and mind-body practices, held by prestigious and authoritative physicists, doctors, psychologists, biologists from Italy and worldwide.
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Science, Spirituality and the Environment

AQE promotes a dialogue between science and spirituality to favour the awakening of Consciousness and the sense of connection with the environment, the universe and the superior mental level.
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Solidarity-based environmentally-friendly economy

The way we use resources, despoiling nature and exploiting work, created a deep economic crisis and a serious loss of values that brought about dramatic pollution.
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European Quantum Activism (Attivismo Quantico Europeo – AQE) is a scientific non-profit association and is the European reference for the Center for Quantum Activism funded in the US by Amit Goswami.
AQE is based in Bologna and aims at spreading the transformative theoretical principles introduced by Entanglement:
  • Non-locality
  • Discontinuity
  • Interconnection, interdependence and the holistic dimension of Life
  • The awakening of Consciousness and compassionate vision

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